Data Normalization

Data Is the Core

Data is at the core of everything we do at CCC. That's why we continue to invest in our innovative, state-of-the-art technology platform. The foundation of this technology stack is the CCC Claims Database Application (CDA), which is a massively scalable, high-performance cluster built on MySQL and MongoDB technologies, containing more than two decades of historical class action data in billions of rows.

Inbound Data

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The front door of the CDA is the Inbound Data Process, a set of applications that perform data ingest and transformation operations. To get data into the front door, clients most often use a secure data transfer, for example CCC's secure online data upload tools, or an automated extract that fits the client system. The Inbound Data Process includes an automated series of tests and transformations, as well as manual checks administered by the Data Operations Manager and his team.

How it Works

The initial data set is loaded into the database as-is and assigned an internal identifier. This and all subsequent operations are recorded in the system along with the results and system-generated metadata.

Using CCC's proprietary algorithms, the data set is isolated, analyzed and "normalized" into standard datatypes, tables, and other data structures. Using both automated and manual processes, the data transformation is completed, and mapped to standard data fields. Then the data is loaded and saved to the CDA.

The newly imported data is indexed and tested. Each step is analyzed for accuracy and logged. The Data Operations team quickly identifies any data issues including redundant, missing or incomplete data, formatting and character issues, missing relationships, and other data anomalies.

Throughout the process, the expertise and experience of the Data Operations staff are brought to bear. They monitor each step and verify accuracy based on a sequence of crosschecks and audit controls. Discrepancies are immediately flagged and reported. This enables common problems to be quickly identified and resolved, like name and address changes, or redundant rows. Some issues are fixed automatically, and some need to be verified with the client, or require deeper research. At all times the status of the Inbound Data Process is maintained by the system, including any issues and how they were resolved.

Data is Our Core, and Yours

Accurate data is key to efficiency, both in our business and yours. Therefore, we treat all these processes with the same level of care as you would. We treat all of your accounts--and all of your clients--as if they were our own. When you turn to the experts at CCC, you and your clients gain a teammate not only championing your class action claims, but the accuracy of, and access to, vitally important data.

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