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Secure Data Integration

So, you have hired CCC. What happens next? It all starts with data integration, a three-step process that makes securities class action claim filing simple:


We are now ready to file a claim for one, ten, or thousands of your accounts.

We can customize settlement award reconciliation and forward net award proceeds in a manner perfectly tailored to your needs. CCC will handle every aspect of the claim process, including:

  • Staying ahead of each new settlement in the class action world

  • Scouring your data for every last qualifying trade

  • Replying to all administrator requests and correspondence, letting you focus on the real work of investing

Personalized Fund Distribution

Outsourcing to CCC even makes check allocation a breeze.

Since we have many different client types, we know there are many unique requirements when it comes to allocation.

  • Send individual checks to your clients

  • Direct payments to outside broker or custodian

  • Send checks or wire payments to your firm with a sub-client allocation spreadsheet

Intuitive Online Services

Would you ever put your money in a bank that didn't have a website? Would you continue using your credit card if it was hard to track your purchases online? Probably not. And that's why at CCC, we believe all of our clients should have the same ease of access to the securities class action world that they've grown accustomed to everywhere else. Your retirement account has a great webpage and your phone company does too. Heck, even your fantasy football league now has a user-friendly website! Securities class action claim filing is just as simple when you outsource to CCC.

Class Action Monitoring

When institutional investors decide to start filing securities class action claim forms, they face an immediate problem: simply learning what is out there. With over a hundred new settlements every year and over two hundred new cases filed, how can a busy manager keep up?

That's where CCC adds value to your back office. CCC tracks over 150 securities class action websites and news sources every day. We then give you access to the entire securities class action world through one simple login. On our secure website, you can track:

  • Newly filed complaints, from the lead plaintiff deadline to the day they are settled, dismissed, or receive a verdict.
  • Settlements, from the moment a claim form appears to the date of distribution

CCC currently tracks over 1500 cases in the court system and over 700 settlements. What would be a vast and confusing amount of information to collate on your own, CCC has distilled into a readable, user-friendly format.

Custom Alerts

When it's time for a data refresh, if we need some supporting documentation, or--best of all--when we have a big stack of checks for you or your clients, you'll find an alert made just for you when you log-in.
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